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Created by Sarah, WelshAllergyMummy advocates for families living with multiple allergies and shares the knowledge Sarah has built up through her time as mum to Osian (known as Osh) since he loudly announced his arrival on the planet in 2014.

Sarah is working as a freelance blogger, reviewer, consultant and looks at experiences, venues and products through the eyes of a person with multiple severe allergies.  Ideally placed to do this, Sarah has become adept at the day-to-day management of family life with allergies. She has first-hand experience of the challenges presented by life involving multiple allergies and other atopic conditions.

When Osh was born, it became quickly apparent – think during the first 10 days of his life that something wasn’t ‘quite right’.  Osh was not a comfortable, content baby and began to display really severe reflux and eczema symptoms.  To cut a very long story very, very short…over the first 4 years of his life, Osh was diagnosed with multiple IgE-mediated food and environmental allergies as well as eczema and asthma.  Sarah’s gorgeous, cheeky little monkey has had more trips to GPs and hospital than any parent would wish for their child in a lifetime. Osh has been diagnosed with allergies to dairy, wheat, nuts, soya, egg, buckwheat, peas and lentils, so Sarah is always on the lookout for OshNosh ideas (recipes and products that are free from all of these as well as ‘may contains’).  She shares any good finds or quick OshNosh snack ideas on this blog, Instagram and Twitter .

Osh himself is full of energy, fun and mischief and Sarah is determined to a) ensure that he leads a life that enables him to remain this way and b) help those in similar situations to do the same.

Sarah has worked with the team at Osian’s hospital to establish a support group for those affected by allergies and eczema and continues to work to raise awareness of the needs of allergic individuals.  Sarah is happy to advise businesses, public venues and other establishments on how they can become more allergy-friendly and inclusive for those who might otherwise opt not to use them.

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