OshNosh: Food that is safe for my son, Osh – free from dairy, wheat, soya, egg, nuts, buckwheat, lentils and peas.

OshNosh: Pan-fried chicken with bacon, tenderstem broccoli and potatoes

Having so many allergies means Osh’s diet can inevitably be quite restricted, so we try to find different flavour combinations to keep things interesting for him (and us, as we…

OshNosh: Jamie Oliver’s Slow-Roasted Pork Ragu

We often need to tweak recipes to suit Osh’s diet, but this one is fine as it is and tastes amazing!  There is never any complaint from Osh when this…

Who is Welsh Allergy Mummy

WelshAllergyMummy (aka Sarah) is an advocate for families living with multiple allergies and is sharing her first-hand knowledge of the challenges allergy life presents.

Sarah is working as a freelance blogger, reviewer, consultant and looks at experiences, venues and products through the eyes of a person with multiple severe allergies.

Sarah is happy to advise businesses, public venues and other establishments on how they can become more allergy-friendly and inclusive for those who otherwise might opt not to use them.

OshNosh: Humpday snack box

Osh always finds Thursdays a little harder going than the rest of the week and now races around like there’s no tomorrow at tennis lessons when he gets home from…

OshNosh: Creative Nature Brownies

It’s not very often that Osh gets to eat a really indulgent treat, so every now and then I like to make him some brownies.  There are loads of recipes…

OshNosh: simple snack box

Osh is like an eating machine between 3:30 and 4:30pm so I use this time as a perfect opportunity to get extra fruit and veg into him. We were lucky…

OshNosh: Quick snack/lunch idea

Quick lunch/snack idea today which includes: tortilla chips, cucumber fingers, blackberries, white seedless grapes (halved), Violife slices, Violife Creamy Original for dipping. Yum!

Review: Bentgo Kids Box

I’m always on the look out for handy ways of transporting Osh’s lunch and snacks, so our kitchen cupboard is bursting at the seams with plastic tubs (although where to…

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