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I’ve mentioned in my post about preparing for school that we decided to order some medical ID bands for Osh to wear when he starts school.

I’ve used the ID Band Company before when Osh was much younger, and was happy with the product, so I visited their website again to order two new bands, in Osh’s choice of colours, containing his updated allergy information.

The ordering process was really simple to complete and took me about 5 minutes from start to finish.

I ordered two of the “Child and Toddler Engravable Medical Bracelet” in toddler size (5.5 inch). The website gives you simple instructions on the best way of deciding what size to order and I would recommend following these.  See photo of Osh at the foot of this post for an idea of how the toddler size fits him at the age of 4 years old.

I had already shown the website to Osh and he had chosen which bands he would like from a selection of 4 colours in this particular style, so I selected those.

Next you have to enter the text you would like engraved on the bracelet.  You’re limited to two lines of up to 32 characters each per bracelet.  I always find this a bit tricky as I would rather not put a lot of personal information on the band.  However, I generally talk myself out of that approach, as the whole point is to have the key information available for somebody attending Osh in an emergency.  So I added text as follows:

Band 1
[Full name] ALLERGIES:

Band 2

Peas, Buckwheat CARRIES EPIPEN
ICE: [Add 2 contact tel. numbers]

If you don’t want to add so much information, you can choose a band that has the engraving on the inside, or use the ICE Text or Phone service, which provides a unique reference number that paramedics can use to access the details of medical conditions, medication, emergency contacts etc, when attending the patient.

I finished placing the order and was very surprised and pleased when the bands arrived through the post the very next day.

Osh was initially reluctant to wear the bands but I explained that they are part of his outfits now and that they were there to help people look after him if he was poorly.  I also found some photos online of kids wearing similar bands and told him they were cool.  This did the trick!  He’s worn them every day since and has been showing them off proudly!

We are really happy with this product and feel reassured that Osh’s medical information will always be accessible to anyone needing to treat him in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.


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