OshNosh: Creative Nature Brownies

It’s not very often that Osh gets to eat a really indulgent treat, so every now and then I like to make him some brownies.  There are loads of recipes out there for brownies that you can make from scratch with allergy-friendly ingredients, but when time is short, I like to use Creative Nature’s Chia & Cacao Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix.

I made a batch this morning, adding some lovely fresh raspberries from Grampy’s garden to half of the mix and our favourite Freedom Confectionery Mini Mallows to the other half.

There are two recipes you can follow on the back of the packet, one where you substitute eggs with chia seeds and another where you use 4 eggs.  Osh is allergic to egg, so I choose to follow the egg recipe but to add Orgran‘s No Egg™ Egg Replacer as there are already chia seeds in the mix.



I followed the recipe and method (which were super-easy to follow) as detailed on the back of the pack, but using a food processor to mix everything together.  I did make the following slight tweaks:

  • Set oven at 160°c instead of 150°c.
  • Substituted 200g Pure sunflower spread for the butter specified in the recipe.
  • When using egg replacer, added 4 tsp of the powder and increased to 10 tbsp water.
  • After spooning mixture into baking tin, added fresh raspberry to one half and the mallows to the other half.
  • Baking time was approx. 35 minutes, rather than the 20-25 indicated on the pack.

The results were great!  A chocolate-lover’s perfect sneaky snack!   Although there was not much rise on the finished brownies, they were full of chocolatey flavour and perfect for an occasional treat for those with a sweet-tooth.  Slightly crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside, they were a good texture.

There is a lot of sugar in the mix (as with many free-from products), so I tend to be sparing with the amount I let Osh eat in one sitting.  My other observation on baking them this time was that the half of the mix containing marshmallows held together better than the raspberry half, which was a little crumbly (though still delicious)!

The packet says the baked brownies will freeze for up to 2 months, though there’s very little chance of this batch getting as far as the freezer as they’ll be eaten up in no time! A big WelshAllergyMummy thumbs up!




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