OshNosh: Creative Nature Chocolate Chip Muffins

After baking a successful batch of brownies using this company’s mix, I decided to try their muffin mix this morning.

This is even easier to make than the brownies– you only need 3 additional ingredients, chuck them all in and mix!

As with the brownies, there are two recipes you can follow on the back of the packet, one where you use eggs, another where you use a banana instead of eggs.  I opted for the second recipe, so added 100g of Pure Sunflower spread, a splash of vanilla extract and a large ripe banana to the packet mix.  Always looking for the easiest option, I used an electric mixer rather than the hand mixing method detailed on the packet.

I whizzed everything up and then spooned into a silicone muffin tray as per method on the pack.  There was just enough mixture to add about 2 dessert spoons’ worth per muffin.

Baking time did take approx. 45 mins in total, as detailed on pack, with a quick check after 25 mins to cover the muffins over with foil for the remaining 20 mins.

The results were pretty good for a first attempt! These were nowhere near as chocolatey as the brownie mix and with the banana added in, I felt the chocolate flavour could have done with being a bit stronger.

Again, as with the brownies, there was not much rise on the finished muffins; they ended up more like large fairy cakes than the distinctive muffin shape you’d expect.  But, they were moist on the inside and not too dense (unlike many free-from mixes) with a firm, pleasant slightly crunchy outside.

As with the brownies, the packet says the baked muffins will freeze for up to 2 months (or can be refrigerated for up to 3 days), so I’ll be giving the freezer option a try this time with a view to using them in Osh’s packed lunches for school.

I’ll definitely make these muffins again for Osh as they are sooooooo easy, but I think I’ll make a few tweaks and try adding some extra ingredients to enhance the flavours.  Another good result!


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