OshNosh: IQ Sunflower Seed Butter

Since Osh’s diagnoses of nut allergies, we made a decision not to keep nuts in the house, so my favourite breakfast of peanut butter on toast has been a mere memory every since!

I’ve been on the lookout for a sunflower seed butter with no ‘may contains’ for a while so I was actually beside myself when I finally found one made by Osh’s favourite chocolate company.  IQ Chocolate have started offering smooth or crunchy versions, so I decided to order a pot of the smooth variety to try.

The jar arrived with our latest chocolate delivery within a few days of ordering and didn’t disappoint.  It had a slightly runnier consistency than the peanut equivalent but when spread on free-from toast, it tasted really nice (especially combined with strawberry jam in peanut butter & jelly style).  It’s taking a while to convince Osh that he actually likes it, so for the moment I’m adding it to smoothies and puddings so that he can get the benefits without the battle!

I’ll definitely be ordering this again and persevering with getting it into Osh’s diet because it’s high in protein and great for Vitamin E, magnesium & healthy fats.


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