Review: Bentgo Kids Box

I’m always on the look out for handy ways of transporting Osh’s lunch and snacks, so our kitchen cupboard is bursting at the seams with plastic tubs (although where to the lids go?….same place as the ‘other’ socks I suspect).  I came across this nifty little number recently though and decided to give it a try.

The Bentgo box (a play on the Japanese bento box and the fact that the manufacturers want you to use this one when on the ‘go’) is roughly the size of an A5 piece of paper.  It has silicon/rubber edging on the outside, which, based on our own very unscientific and accidental drops on the floor, withstands fairly normal use by a 4 year old.  It clips shut with 2 quite sturdy clips at the front and feels well sealed when shut.

The box has little compartments built into a removable tray so that you can put a variety of foods/dips into it and keep them separate until lunchtime.  On first receiving the box, I didn’t think the compartments would hold enough, but I was pleasantly surprised.  When you transfer what you fit into the box onto a plate, there’s a decent amount of food for Osh’s lunch.  It’s certainly equivalent to what he eats for lunch at home (if not more).

The inner tray can be removed for top rack dishwasher cleaning and the outer case can be hand-washed (to preserve the seals).  We’ve found this easy enough.

Osh loves the box and is asking me every day if I can take his snack box with me when I pick him up from nursery. We also chose the green version.  Osh LOVES green.

We’ve yet to see how the box performs when going to school everyday with Osh, but from a cross-contamination point of view, I like it.  It’s well sealed and doesn’t open too easily (though with practice Osh now does this with no trouble), so it should be safe from wandering little allergen-coated hands!


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