Review: YellowCross ‘School Bag’ Medicine Bag

When Osh started nursery, we provided a set of all the medication he might need to have administered during his time there, with a view to this being kept permanently on the premises.  Staff kept this in a box which was easily accessible to them and clearly marked with Osh’s name.  Said box also contained Osh’s emergency action plan (written by his hospital team) and a copy of the healthcare plan we had written with nursery.  This worked well for the time Osh spent at nursery however, as a family, we still hadn’t come up with a good way to ensure we kept all of Osh’s medicine together and handy for when we went out and about or visited family and friends.

We needed a good way of storing Osh’s medicines in one place and after a good scout around the internet, I decided to order a ‘School bag’ medicine storage bag from

The bag can fit 2 epipens (unboxed), an asthma pump and large dismantled Volumatic spacer, a bottle of medicine (or 2 at a push) and a copy of Osh’s action plan.  There are 2 sturdy handles for hand carrying and a detachable strap for over the shoulder carrying.  Inside the bag there is a silver thermal lining to assist with regulating the temperature of medicine within the bag.  There is also a handy ID card that securely attaches to the outside of the bag, into which you insert a photograph of the child/adult and add some handwritten emergency contact details.

The bag also comes with a ‘Treatment Card’ where you can write administration instructions for the medication.  We chose not to use this as the space was limited.  Instead we opted to include folded copies of Osh’s action plan from the hospital and the healthcare plan written in conjunction with his nursery.

We like that the bag is bright yellow because this makes it easy to spot straight away and this is exactly what we need in an emergency.  We also like that Osh has learned to make sure this bag is always with him.  It’s Osh’s job to carry the bag to and from the house when we go anywhere, so as soon as we say ‘yellow bag’ he knows what we mean.  Rather than having to remember to gather up 5 or more different items of medication/equipment, we just grab the yellow bag.

As a note of caution though, I would add that the bag can be quite heavy for a younger child once fully packed with antihistamine, epipens etc.

In readiness for Osh starting school in September, we met with his class teacher and ALNCo (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator) and during our discussions we showed them the bag.  They were very keen for us to use this for Osh at school, so it looks like it will prove a helpful product for school as well.


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